Friday, May 21, 2010

Food in Melbourne

I'm on a mission to work out the best places to shop in Melbourne. I'm particularly determined to find the best places to get fresh food at the best prices.

Queen Victoria market on Elizabeth street is fantastic for buying fruit and vegetables and fish from- especially on a Sunday afternoon when the prices are all reduced, and the stall holders are yelling "ONE DOLLAR, ONE DOLLAR!" If you're game you can usually haggle down the prices as well.

I try and make a weekly trip there for fruit and vegetables because it ends up being so much cheaper then making a few trips to the supermarket, and it's great to support local producers. The other day we spent about $40 and got all this stuff in the picture. I picked up some dried figs and double brie for a treat. There are a few stalls that sell delicious dolmadis in the deli section too, and a french bakery with great prices and really good crostoli on the corner.

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