Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nanna Chic

Trying to stay warm in this city is hard. Especially trying to stay warm without looking like a raggamuffin in a million layers! I love nanna shirts at the moment. I've always had an obsession for white flowing fabric. The Picnic at Hanging Rock syndrome. There's something so feminine and angelic about wearing billowing white.

This is us on our two year anniversary. Most of our photos are like this (self take!) because there's no-one else there to take it for us. Andy hates me taking photos all the time as well! ...We had a lovely night though. We started off at the pub across from Flinders street station (I always forget the name) and sat in the window overlooking the pretty Melbourne lights, then we went to see David Mamet's "Boston Marriage" which we likened to the lesbian version of The Importance of Being Earnest (hehe). After that, we went to Gigibabas turkish tapas restaurant for dinner (mmmmmmmmm haloumi cheese!) and to the alchemist on Brunswick street for a warm-up cocktail. I had a boozy hot chocolate with spiced rum, YUM!!!

At The Alchemist on Brunswick street. Wearing my beautiful 50's velvet and tulle dress.


  1. i love the lounges in the alchemist! definitely the most fancy place to drink at!

  2. The cocktails are pretty amazing too! Hot chocolate with spiced rum....gingerbread martini. Divine.