Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My place

My garden is growing, some zucchini plants have sprouted up, and I've added a lemon tree and a few more herbs. Is it lame that I think about checking the garden as soon as I wake up?

meanwhile, waiting for my own veggies to grow, I've been trying lots of recipes from this book:

If you have been to my house, I have probably shown it to you and raved about it. It's a vegetarian middle eastern/ european recipe book, with some elaborate, some quite easy- but all really flavoursome and interesting dishes. I find a lot of vegetarian cook books are full of side-dish recipes that you can't really have as a main meal, or they are basically meat dishes with the meat removed and not replaced with anything.

These are some eggplants that I burned to make a croquette recipe with. Burning them is fun! You put them straight on the stove top and wait till all the skin goes black, then slice them open and scoop out the flesh. It gives it a really smokey flavour.

These are the savoury green pancakes from the book. Spinach, spring onion and cardamon..mmmm.

The lime, chilli and corriander butter that accomponies the pancakes.

The perfect brunch! (or early dinner)

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  1. you are so clever - the photography is great too xx