Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tra La La

Ohh today I'm feeling whimsical, nostalgic, distracted, and dreaming up adventure. It's the beautiful weather. The perfect warm temperature, where you can still wear a cardigan, and there's a tiny breeze that rustles the grass. The sort of weather that makes me feel more Australian. I've lived in Melbourne for over a year now, but some days I walk down a street and feel excited and like I'm on holiday again. Yesterday there was such a vibrant and colourful atmosphere about Fitzroy, and I felt really lucky to be there.

Missing old friends, but not it a sad way. In a way that makes me more interested in people, and why the do what they do, and why they wanna do it with you!

I sat outside and ate watermelon and lay on the ground, thinking about trips to Rottnest island, almost falling asleep on the sand when the sun dried up my bathers, and made my skin salty, then running down to the water to cool off, wet my hair, then do it all again.

Yesterday I visited Blue Vapors studio as part of a design unit. It was so lovely and inspiring. A beautiful space in Fitzroy (next to a pub- woo!) run by a quirky husband and wife with their cute dog. They ran through their process, organisation schemes and their failures and successes. All in all, very inspiring and now I TOTALLY WANT A STUDIO. Well...maybe some work before I get a studio! I've been teaming up with a photographer and doing some fun photo shoots for my folio.

I've also been learning about info-gaphics in another units and have found some great examples like this one about the statistics of pornography.

Here's one I did myself as practice:

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