Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baby eggplants/ Demented carrots

So I haven't done many yummy food posts for a while. This is because I've been in front of a computer screen most days and nights for uni, with no time or energy to cook! Soy sausages are REALLY handy for when you can't be bothered. I eat them a couple of times a week with a simple salad.

The top picture is of some beautiful baby eggplants- which are called graffiti eggplants because of the purple and white scratchy pattern they have. I bought them at the markets just because they looked so amazing. I thought they would definitely be nice with some cheese, so I roasted them with some oil and spices, and made a cut through the middle of each one (not all the way, just up to the stem). Then I cut up some fetta and put a piece between each two halves. I put them back in the oven for a while for the cheese to melt, then served them with some pasta sauce and spaghetti. DELICIOUS!

I haven't shown the progress of my veggie garden yet, because it hasn't been so great! That is what my carrots looked like when I pulled them up. For some reason they just didn't wanna grow. I reckon I was singing them the wrong songs. My beetroots however are happy and purple and tasty! I grated some up raw and mixed them into a salad with grated carrot, a tin of 3 bean mix and lots of chives and corriander and a bit of lime juice. I love the colours of this salad. My herbs, spinach and spring onion are growing nicely. Its nice to pick bits off them to use straight away in my cooking.

Well, I'm going for a walk to get the blood pumping and warm myself up. The sun has officially gone in Melbourne! The heaters are coming out, and it's time to make another big warm soup I think.


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