Thursday, August 25, 2011


Jelly! By the amazing 'jellymongers' Bompas and Parr. With my birthday coming up, I feel like bringing back the birthday classics- elaborate cakes and jelly.

I might try these Margarita lime jellies- the classy version of the jelly shot.

Or how about I whip up a glow in the dark gin and tonic jelly? Another Bompas and Parr creation.

This is my lobster mold that I found in an antique shop the other day. I love him, and can't wait to fill him with jelly

I made a red velvet (chocolate) cake inside him. It was delicious!

I found these amazing antique molds that are supposedley from the 1800s on Ebay. Jelly was used to make extravagent centrepieces...probably filled with goose fat or something.


  1. These looked pretty good! The margarita limes were brilliant.

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  3. Wow Ailish, the jellies and the moulds are amazing!!!! I think you need to come for a visit, or me to you
    so that we can try and replicate the whole table! what do you rekon??
    Love your website, it looks fab! miss and love you lots, Aunty Susie xoxo