Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rehearsal, Rehearsal, Rehearsal

My house is currently covered in sequins, fabric, gloves and lingere...every time I stand up, at least one bead/pin/sequin falls down! There is also always at least one burlesque song playing in my head, whatever Im doing!

It's pretty hard to muster up the courage to get out of my dressing gown and into my costumes in this weather...but at least the dancing warms me up!

So I'm very busy because my night classes also started this week, and Miss Burlesque is on THIS FRIDAY!!! ARRRRGHHH!!!!

I am pretty excited though :) And so happy that Ginger La Minge got crowned Miss Perth!


  1. PICS - Soo CUTE! I wish I could come on Friday and cheer you on. I bet you'll be fabulous! xxx