Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beautiful Pie, Silly face.

This is my delicious zucchini pie and my silly face.

Here's a secret: I put my zucchinis through as CUCUMBERS! up yours woolies self serve! HA!
and on that note...why have woolies got all their fruit and veg in big wooden crates now, with signs saying 'market buy' fuck off...we all know they've been in cold storage and cost way too much.
Also, to those ladies that give you samples of the latest frozen yoghurt, don't look so angry when I don't run off in the direction that you pointed me in. Of course I'm not actually going to buy it! Didn't you notice all the home brand products in my trolley?

On another note. I'm loving summer, afternoon beers, being able to walk home after work while it's still light, watching all the cars moving slower then I am... and watching TV without feeling guilty


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